More light, less power, longer life

The latest LED lighting technology, discover how ActiveLED can reduce your lighting costs


Reduced Costs

ActiveLED can have a significant impact on reducing the operational costs of your building.

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Best warranty in the Industry
  • Reduce number of lights needed
  • Fully weatherproofed and sealed

Lower Energy Bills

Save up to 90% on your energy usage by implementing ActiveLED lighting.

  • Long-term energy savings
  • Better lighting with fewer watts
  • No heat emission
  • Control and management capabilities for increased efficiency

Superior Illumination

A brighter, cleaner, more visible "white light" compared to conventional lighting.

  • Increased brilliancy
  • Emulates natural daylight
  • Full control over light footprint
  • Improved visibility for increased security and safety

Green Lighting

Green lighting means lower costs, longer life and reduced maintenance.

  • Mercury and toxin free
  • UV free lighting
  • Remove recycling constraints
  • Facilitates LEED® points
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