Brighter, cleaner, cooler, and more energy efficient lighting

Lights products with ActiveLED technology is brighter

Superior Illumination

Using ActiveLED lighting products from Ringdale not only saves your organization a significant amount on your energy costs, it also provides superior illumination which produces a better, more visible "white light" compared to conventional lighting technologies.

Moving to ActiveLED lighting dramatically increases the effectiveness of your organizations lighting, allowing you to minimize the amount of light fixtures needed, further reducing the associated maintenance and energy costs.

ActiveLED lighting technology is based on solid-state light emitting diodes (LED), unlike fluorescent lighting which can "flicker" ,which may be undetectable to the human eye but nevertheless, causing eye strain and other ailments.

ActiveLED lighting eliminates the "buzzing" noise that is common with florescent lighting. In addition, the improved quality of lighting enhances the look of your products. For outside night usage it reduces shadows and increases visibility, enhancing your building security and safety.

Why use ActiveLED?

Organizations can benefit from ActiveLED technology in many different areas, some of which are identified here:

1) Increased brilliancy

ActiveLED full spectrum lighting replaces dim lighting with more visible "white light" for improved color reproduction, uniformity and reduced glare.

2) Emulates natural daylight

ActiveLED lights replicate natural daylight (5000K) due to its full-spectrum phosphors.

3) Enhanced lighting

ActiveLED lighting produces true "white light" that displays your products at their best.

4) UV free: doesn’t fade photos or art

Perfect for valuable displays that need constant lighting saves money on replacing expensive decor, artwork or product displays.

5) Increased building security

Brighter, whiter light minimises/eliminates dark spots and enhances security, proven to increase safety and reduce crime.

6) Minimizes light migration outside the targeted light footprint

Instantly improving visibility and eliminating light pollution.

7) Only lights areas you wish to light

ActiveLED produces directional lighting with in order to make the most use of your light fixtures.

8) Bright, consistent light output

Active LED is a mechanically robust lighting system with a significantly longer life than traditional lighting.

9) Motion and daylight sensors

ActiveLED offers intelligent lighting control combining dimming, motion sensor and occupancy zone controls that can increase a building's energy efficiency by an additional 10-25%.

10) Flexible lighting solutions

ActiveLED lighting offers a wide range of light fixtures for any environment to provide brighter, cleaner, more energy efficient lighting.

11) Simple, straightforward installation

Easy-to-install and use, ActiveLED fixtures have integrated power supplies that recognize the existing voltage and adjust accordingly.

12) Dark-Sky compliant

ActiveLED technology delivers very precise light cut-off, virtually eliminating any light pollution and is dark-sky cut-off compliant.

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